Hand Treatments | Woodhouse Day Spas - Lubbock, TX

Hand Treatments

The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat


Our most raved-about, detailed manicure.

This treatment will nourish, recondition and refine your hands and arms. You will enjoy an exfoliation from hand to elbow, followed by a deeply relaxing massage. Then your hands will be lovingly wrapped in warmed atlantic seaweed leaves to hydrate, increase circulation and nourish dry skin. To seal the goodness, a luxurious hand cream will be applied. 

Warm Agave Nectar Manicure


Warm agave nectar and natural oils are drizzled on the arms and hands to relieve dry skin and help prevent the signs of aging. Enjoy the light heavenly fragrance as hands are refreshed and hydrated. 

Spritzer Manicure


Our classic manicure delivers a silky organic massage with soothing botanicals and essential oils. Soften, revitalize and condition hands. 

Gel Manicure


A 50 minute gel manicure using Shellac. 

Gentlemen's Manicure


An ultra-rich, deep treatment moisturizes hands and relieves stress as refined oils soften, restore and condition.

Manicure Enhancements

Add to any nail service, no time added.

Autumn Glow Fall Seasonal Manicure

Unpack your worries and leave them at the door ... a toasty fall treatment is in store! The spicy scent of roasted chestnuts fills the air as a nourishing Vitamin E-rich fizzing soak bubbles to soften and soothe soles. A whipped shea sugar and coffee micropolish that brings skin-tightening caffeine and a deliciously smooth exfoliation to whisk away dull, lifeless skin. A shea butter massage with delectable notes of vanilla and cinnamon cream kiss skin with long lasting hydration.